10 Ways an iPhone Helps with Personal Finance

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The best thing about an iphone is you can download apps with it. However, you may have to upgrade your iOS if you wish to download some apps. Here are 10 reasons an iphone helps you with your personal finance:

1. Discount stock broker trading apps

You can actually get stock broker trading apps at lower prices. Anybody can do stock broker trading nowadays as it just involves knowing who is on the rise and who is going down. It involves analytical skills and these apps will help you moving forward.

2. Bank apps

These apps lets you know which banks give some nice offers. There are always some new banks looking to make a name for themselves and you would want to know where you should put your money.

3. Store credit apps

It is nice to get credit at stores where you buy a lot of things. This app can be used on different stores like department stores, pet shop stores and even appliance stores.

4. Reminders for credit card payments

If you forget to pay your credit card payments on time then the interest on it will go higher. Not only that, you would have a chance of getting a low credit score and that won’t be good for you future when you try to apply for a loan. ┬áHere is a ranking of the best credit cards in Canada.

5. Track spending to help save money

There is actually an app that helps you keep track of where you spend all your money. You will know whether you spent your money to pay bills, buy clothes or even pay for the tuition fee of your children. You will know if your money went to the right places or you made a ton of mistakes that you should never do again.

6. Fuel economy calculator

This app will let you realize if the prices of fuel are up or down. When it is down then it is time to fill up your vehicles and when it is not then it is time to wait for it to go down again. It is just one of the things that makes owning a car really a pain in the wallet.

7. Pocket expense app

This app will alert you when bills are due so you would be able to save money while preparing for those dreaded days. It is never a good feeling to pay bills but it has to be done.

8. Onavo count

Onavo count is an app that counts all the charges that happens on your phone. It reveals all the unnecessary charges that mobile phone companies charge you and it is the same reason that leaves a lot of people outraged.

9. WhatsApp

This app lets you send pictures, videos and text messages over the Internet for free. There are no hidden charges so it would save you a lot of money if you use this app instead of sending stuff over your iPhone.

10. Grocery Gadget App

This app helps you avoid wasting time to rewrite your grocery lists over and over again. You can also use ecoupons from specific stores so you can get discounted items.